Home Industries

With hundreds of entries in the various sections, the real competition takes place when you enter the Home Produce Tents. There is an air of tension between competitors young and old who have come from every corner of the island to compare standards and individual skills. This is truly what the real Irish Country Cottage Industry is based on. The tips and secret recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and are shown through the huge display of excellent quality products.

The display of homemade breads, jams, biscuits, cakes and pastries leave the mouth watering in anticipation. It is a delight in both presentation and taste. The crafts are brought with pride. Many a night was spent on patchwork, crochet or dressing a doll to finally reach its destination. Garments and crafts are scrutinized meticulously for quality and high standard which is common place for Tinahely Show.

On entering the Farm and Garden tent the perfumes of magnificent floral displays will hit you. Vegetables which have been grown on home plots with much care and attention will make you feel that all should return to Mother Earth for the quality and supply where the All- Ireland Qualifiers will be held.


Our photography section is expanding at a rapid rate – reflecting the increasing interest which has developed among amateur photographers. Agricultural scenes, children, pets and wildlife studies are among the favourites.