The wide range of poultry that is exhibited at Tinahely Show gives a real flavour of the wide range of fowl to be found in this country. There has been a great resurgence of interest in domestic fowl in the past few years and this has seen our Poultry Marquee grow in popularity.

There are a large range of classes with everything from Bantams to Large Soft Feathered Males.
There are competitions for all breeds of True Bantham, Diminutive, Miniature or Dwarf Fowl.We have a class for The Redmills All Ireland Poultry Championship which allows pure bred birds from the following breeds: Australorp, Barnevelder, Brahma, Cochim, Croad Langshan, Dorking. Faverolles, Frizzle, Marams, Orpington, Plymoth Rock, Rhode Island Red, Sussex and Wyandotte.If you are interested in all things poultry, check out: The Irish Poultry Society