Results 2017 : Indoor

Craft Section

Class 215 – Any Handcrafted Work, Confined to People with Disabilities
1st: Collette Hempenstall, 2nd: Fiona Healy, 3rd: Andrew Gahan, 4th: Shirley Johnson
Class 216 – Any Woodcrafted Work, Confined to People with Disabilities
1st: Emma Reynolds, 2nd: Tom Lawlor, 3rd: Sean Sheekey, 4th: Patrick Grummell
Class 217 – Handcrafted Wood turned item
1st: Maurice Devlin, 2nd: Maurice Devlin, 3rd: Maurice Devlin
Class 218 – Handmade Christmas Tree Decoration
1st: Anne Kinsella, 2nd: Agnes Murray, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 219 – A Decorated Hat
1st: Anne Kane, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Kristina Riauke,
Class 220 – Handcrafted Work any medium
1st: Sharon Storey, 2nd: Kristina Riauke, 3rd: Katie Byrne
Class 221 – Piece of Handmade Jewellery
1st: Rosella Doherty, 2nd: Rosella Doherty, 3rd: Rosella Doherty
Class 222 – A Homemade Bookmark, any medium
1st: Norma Barron, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Rosella Doherty
Class 223 – Something new from something old
1st: Alison Bailey, 2nd: Jimmy Murphy, 3rd: Andrea Thompson
Class 224 – Handmade Seasonal Item, any medium
1st: Annette Doolan, 2nd: Kristina Riauke, 3rd: Rosella Doherty
Class 225 – Handmade Gift or Souvenir
1st: Jackie O’Toole, 2nd: Alison Bailey, 3rd: Alison Bailey
Class 226 – Most Tastefully Gift Wrapped Box
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd: Jackie O’Toole, 3rd: Geraldine Dunne, HC: Ruth Thompson
Class 227 – Handmade Card for Special Occasion
1st: Rosella Doherty, 2nd: Margaret Devlin, 3rd: Raymond Higgins

Class 228 – A Decorated Wellington Boot
1st: Agnes Murray, 2nd: Andrea Thompson, 3rd: Ida Hobson
Class 229 – Example of Cotton Crochet
1st: Norma Barron, 2nd: Holly Kavanagh, 3rd: Emily Moffatt
Class 230 – Hand knit or Weaving Article
1st: Liz Davison, 2nd: Ann Cullen, 3rd: John Murphy, HC: Kristina Riauke
Class 231 – An example of Crochet, not cotton
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd: Elizabeth Whelan, 3rd: Emily Moffatt, HC: Elizabeth Whelan
Class 232 – Handmade Socks, Gloves, Mittens, Hat or Bag
1st: Norma Barron, 2nd: Jane O’Donnell, 3rd: Aileen Phelan, HC: Margaret Devlin
Class 233 – A Novelty Toy or Doll in Wool, Crochet or Fabric
1st: Jackie O’Toole, 2nd: Rosella Doherty, 3rd: Aileen Phelan, HC: Maura Davis
Class 234 – Best Hand Spun Yarn of Natural Fibre, Dyed or Undyed
1st: Trish Murphy, 2nd: Emily Moffatt, 3rd: Liz Davison
Class 235 – Tea Cosy, Any Medium
1st: Kristina Riauke
Class 236 – Hand Knitting, a Child’s Garment
1st: Alison Bailey, 2nd: Liz Davison, 3rd: Shelagh Norton
Class 237 – Hand Knitted Item from 100% wool
1st: Marylin Wray, 2nd: Jane Brook, 3rd: Stephaine O’Connor
Class 238 – Most Imaginative Handmade Baby Present
1st: Alison Bailey, 2nd: Jackie O’Toole, 3rd: Ruth Thompson, HC: Raymond Higgins
Class 239 – A cushion – complete any medium
1st: Alison Bailey, 2nd: Kristina Riauke, 3rd: Annette Doolan
Class 240 – Handmade Picture, Fire-screen or Wall Hanging
1st: Margaret McEvoy, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Kristina Riauke

Class 241 – Handmade Pin Cushion, any medium
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd: Rosella Doherty, 3rd: Rita Elliott, HC: Margaret McEvoy
Class 242 – Tapestry – framed
1st: Stephaine Lloyd
Class 243 – A Machine Sewn Item
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd:Margaret McEvoy, 3rd: Alison Bailey, HC: Aileen Phelan
Class 244 – Any Article in Coloured Embroidery
1st: Carmel Simmons, 2nd: Marie Togher, 3rd: Dolly Roche, HC: Terry Newsome
Class 245 – Cross Stitch – framed or unframed
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd: Jane Brook, 3rd: Jackie O’Toole
Class 246 – A small item of patchwork or appliqué
1st: Shelagh Norton, 2nd: Alison Bailey, 3rd: Margaret McEvoy, HC: Alison Bailey
Class 247 – Decorated Shopping Bag
1st: Kristina Riauke, 2nd: Alison Bailey, 3rd: Rita Elliott
Class 248 – Handmade Craft – Ceramics, Pottery, Stained Glass etc
1st: Nicola Riley, 2nd: Nicole Abbleby, 3rd: Dervla Fallon
Class 249 – Hand Painted piece of china (traced)
1st: Olivia Hatton, 2nd: Ruth Elmes, 3rd: Olivia Hatton, HC: Frances Perry
Class 250 – Hand Painted piece of china (freehand)
1st: Shirley Boyd, 2nd: Mary Steacy, 3rd: Mary Steacy



Home Produce:

Class 252: 6 New Laid Hen Eggs
1st: Freda Coyle, 2nd: May Kavanagh 3rd: Michael Headen
Class 253: 6 New Laid Duck Eggs
1st: Agnes Murray, 2nd: Freda Coyle

Class 254: Hi Fibre Loaf of Bread
1st: Mary Redmond, 2nd: Rosella Doherty, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 255: Homemade Soda Bread
1st: Iris Allen, 2nd: Statia Ivers, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 256: Homemade Currant Bread (soda)
1st: Iris Allen, 2nd: Mary Ann Douglas, 3rd: Abbey Cremin Nolan
Class 257: Homemade Brown Soda Bread
1st: Eileen Horan, 2nd: Meta Hobson, 3rd: Emma Holohan
Class 258: 6 Afternoon Tea Scones
1st: Mary Ann Douglas, 2nd: Jane O’Donnell, 3rd: Meta Hobson

Class 259: Homemade Harvest Fruit Loaf
1st: Mary Ann Douglas, 2nd: Iris Allen, 3rd: Ann Walsh
Class 260: Homemade Banana Bread/Cake
1st: Mary Jordan, 2nd: Jennifer Haskins, 3rd: Iris Allen
Class 261: Homemade Child’s Birthday Cake
1st: Elizabeth Doran
Class 262: Homemade Coffee Sponge Iced
1st: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 263: 3 Homemade Cup Cakes, Decorated
1st: Rosella Doherty, 2nd: Mary Jordan, 3rd: Sarah Riche, HC: Sarah Butler
Class 264: 6 Muffins
1st: Elizabeth Doran, 2nd: Iris Allen, 3rd: Deirdre O’Murchu
Class 265: Homemade Sponge Cake (jam only)
1st: Muriel Hobson, 2nd: Ann Walsh, 3rd: Ellen Keogh
Class 266: 6 Homemade Queen Cakes
1st: Abbey Cremin Nolan, 2nd: Rosella Doherty, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 267: Homemade Gingerbread Cake
1st: Miriam Faure, 2nd:Ann Walsh, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 268: Homemade Oxford Lunch Cake
1st: Mary Ann Douglas, 2nd: Muriel Hobson, 3rd: Mary Moules
Class 269: Homemade Madeira Cake
1st: Mary Ann Douglas, 2nd: Statia Ivers, 3rd: Iris Allen
Class 270: 6 Homemade Chocolate Brownies
1st: Sarah Riche, 2nd: Mary Redmond
Class 271: 6 Gluten Free Cake, Decorated
1st: Freda Coyle
Class 272: Homemade Fruit Cake – light
1st: Ann Walsh, 2nd: Muriel Hobson, 3rd: Iris Allen
Class 273: Homemade Lemon Drizzle Cake
1st: Muriel Hobson, 2nd: Mary Ann Douglas, 3rd: Statia Ivers
Class 274: Homemade Tea Brack
1st: Ellen Keogh, 2nd: Anna Honner, 3rd: Rosella Doherty, HC: Iris Allen
Class 275: Homemade Cherry Cake
1st: Freda Coyle, 2nd: Freda Coyle, 3rd: Statia Ivers
Class 276: Homemade Biscuit Cake
1st: Elizabeth Doran, 2nd: Sarah Butler, 3rd: Sarah Ruddy
Class 277: Homemade Boiled Fruit Cake
1st: Rosella Doherty, 2nd: Mary Ann Douglas, 3rd: Lucy Kelly
Class 278: Homemade Carrot Cake
1st: Deirdre O’Murchu, 2nd: Jane Brook, 3rd: Monica Gorman
Class 279: 6 Almond Slices
1st: Mary Ann Douglas, 2nd: Miriam Faure, 3rd: Freda Coyle
Class 280: 6 Homemade Healthy Snack Bars
1st: Catherine Lambert, 2nd: Mary Ann Douglas, 3rd: Sarah Riche
Class 281: Tart – Optional Filling
1st: Muriel Hobson, 2nd: Meta Hobson, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas
Class 282: 6 Homemade Shortbread
1st: Jennifer Haskins, 2nd: Mary Ann Douglas 3rd: Emily Esmonde
Class 283: Cheese Cake
1st: Abbey Cremin Nolan, 2nd: Paul Alexander, 3rd: Niamh Ceallaigh, HC: Mary Jordan
Class 284: Fresh Fruit Pavlova
1st: Avril Maher, 2nd: Ruth Thompson, 3rd: Elizabeth Doran
Class 285: Fruit Crumble
1st: Meta Hobson, 2nd: Jane Brook, 3rd: Mary Ann Douglas, HC: Elizabeth Doran
Class 286: All Ireland Easterlicious Cook of the Year
Donna Kearney – Qualified for Moate Show
Class 287: The Odlums All Ireland Home Baking Championship
1st: 2nd: 3rd: – Qualified

Jam – Homemade
Class 288: Rhubarb
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Alison McDonald, 3rd: Andrea Thompson
Class 289: Raspberry
1st Gay Nuttall, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Carmel Simmons, HC: Miriam Faure, Freda Coyle
Class 290: Gooseberry
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Carmel Simmons, 3rd: Jane Brook
Class 291: Strawberry
1st: Olive Ormiston, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Mary Vernon
Class 292: Blackcurrant
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Gay Nuttall, 3rd: Mary Moules, HC: Eileen Horan
Class 293: Marmalade
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Declan Flanagan, 3rd: Iris Tector, HC: Andrea Thompson
Class 294: Jelly Jam
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Jane Brook
Class 295: Chutney
1st: Ena Atkinson, 2nd: Iris Tector, 3rd: Alison McDonald

Class 296: Homemade Red/White Wine
1st: Jonathan Riche, 2nd: Ena Atkinson, 3rd: Reggie Mitchell
Class 297: Home Made Sloe Gin
1st: Sarah Rubalcava, 2nd: Tara Quirke, 3rd: Freda Coyle
Class 298: Home Made Elderflower Cordial
1st: Carmel Simmons, 2nd: Andrea Thompson, 3rd: Lindsey Ryan

Class 300: Painting in Acrylic
1st: Valda Hobson, 2nd: Delzimar Doherty, 3rd: Bridget Roche
Class 301: Painting in Oil
1st: Gay Nuttall , 2nd: Anne Deere, 3rd: Mary Denise Sloan
Class 302: Painting in Watercolour
1st: Raymond Higgins, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 303: Still Life, any medium
1st: Anne Deere, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 304: Drawing – using any medium
1st: Laura N Jennings, 2nd: Laura N Jennings, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 305: Painting any medium
1st: Nicola Riley, 2nd: Ellie Ginty, 3rd: Martin Byrne

Photography (Amateur):
Class 306: Domestic Animal Study
1st: Jackie Tighe, 2nd: Peadar Shortt, 3rd: Catherine Lambert
Class 307: Animal Study in Colour
1st: Raymond Higgins, 2nd: Jennifer Haskins, 3rd: Audrey Hendy
Class 308: Agricultural Subject
1st: Jackie O’Toole, 2nd: Kevin Murray, 3rd: Philip Judge
Class 309: Colour Sporting Scene
1st: Ciara Murray, 2nd: Margaret D’Arcy, 3rd: Peadar Shortt
Class 310: Scenic View in Colour – Seascapes
1st: Audrey Hendy, 2nd: Jackie Tighe, 3rd: Ruth Thompson
Class 311: Scenic View in Colour – Landscapes
1st: David Barton, 2nd: Catherine Lambert, 3rd: Niamh O’Ceallaigh
Class 312: Scenic View of Co. Wicklow
1st: David Barton, 2nd: Mark Molloy, 3rd: Jackie Tighe
Class 313: Child Study in Colour
1st: Jackie Tighe, 2nd: Jennifer Haskins, 3rd: Margaret O’Kelly
Class 314: Adult Study
1st: Margaret O’Kelly, 2nd: Evan O’Neill, 3rd: Audrey Hendy
Class 315: Digital Photograph
1st: Audrey Hendy, 2nd: Janet Hennessy, 3rd: Deirdre O’Murchu
Class 316: Photo of a River Bank Scene
1st: Jennifer Haskins, 2nd: Audrey Hendy, 3rd: Jackie Tighe
Class 317: Winter Scene
1st: Audrey Hendy, 2nd: Laura N Jennings, 3rd: Rebecca Barton
Class 318: Old Photo, any size – pre 1960
1st: David Barton, 2nd: Iris Tector, 3rd: Andrea Thompson
Farm & Garden:

Class 319: Tomatoes
1st: John Shortt, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Kate Doran
Class 320: Rhubarb
1st: Freda Coyle, 2nd: John Barron, 3rd: Liam Keogh
Class 321: Carrots
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Kate Doran, 3rd: Thomas Doran
Class 322: Lettuce
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: Kate Doran, 3rd: John Barron
Class 323: Cabbage
1st: Liam Keogh, 2nd: Tony Murphy, 3rd: Kevin Douglas
Class 324: Peas
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Carmel Simmons
Class 325: Cauliflower
No prize awarded
Class 326: Basket of 6 named herbs
1st: Sarah Riche, 2nd: Kate Doran, 3rd: Katherine Murphy
Class 327: Beetroot
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Kevin Douglas, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 328: Onions
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: John Barron
Class 329: Beans
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: John Barron, 3rd: Reggie Mitchell
Class 330: Shallots
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 331: Onions – sown from sets
1st: Raymond Higgins, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Reggie Mitchell
Class 332: Potatoes – suitable for seed
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: John Shortt, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 333: Potatoes – white skin
1st: Raymond Higgins, 2nd: Kate Doran, 3rd: Joanne Nuttall
Class 334: Potatoes – coloured skin
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Kate Doran, 3rd: John Shortt
Class 335: Best 6 Potatoes – boiled
1st: John Shortt, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Brendan Barrett
Class 336: Basket of salad vegetables
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: John Barron, 3rd: Freda Coyle
Class 337: Basket of 4 Vegetables
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: Raymond Higgins, 3rd: Brendan Barrett
Class 338: The Bord Bia All Ireland Quality Potato Championship
1st: Raymond Higgins – Qualified

Class 339: Section of Honey
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: Hughie Cullen, 3rd: Hughie Cullen
Class 340: Extracted Honey in 1lb jar
1st: Dolly Roche, 2nd: Thomas Doran, 3rd: Kate Doran
Class 341: 8oz Cut Comb in plastic container
1st: Kate Doran, 2nd: Thomas Doran

Class 342: Roses – Floribunda
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Freda Coyle, 3rd: Mary Moules
Class 343: ‘Rose of the Show’
1st: Mary Moules, 2nd: Maura Davis, 3rd: Jackie Woods
Class 344: Roses – hybrid tea
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Freda Coyle, 3rd: Sarah Riche
Class 345: Patio or miniature Roses
1st: Freda Coyle, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Sarah Riche
Class 346: Collection of Roses
1st: Freda Coyle, 2nd: Katie Byrne, 3rd: Katie Byrne
Class 347: Dahlias
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Thomas Doran 3rd: Kate Doran
Class 348: Any Garden Flowers
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Thomas Doran, 3rd: Katie Byrne
Class 349: Viola/Pansies
1st: Raymond Higgins, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Raymond Higgins
Class 350: Sweet Pea
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Thomas Doran
Class 351: Herbaceous Perennials
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Thomas Doran, 3rd: Meta Hobson
Class 352: Hydrangea
1st: Rebecca Tracey, 2nd: Jane Brook, 3rd: Sharon Farrar
Class 353: Pot Plant, in flower
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Reggie Mitchell
Class 354: Pot Plant, foliage only
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Reggie Mitchell, 3rd: Catherine Lambert
Class 355: Outdoor Pot Plant
1st: Reggie Mitchell, 2nd: Anne Kinsella

Flower Arranging:
Class 356: ‘It’s Magic’
1st: Ida Hobson, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Maura Davis
Class 357: ‘Leafy Glade’
1st: Statia Ivers, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Ida Hobson
Class 358: ‘Tea Party’
1st: Maura Davis, 2nd: Ida Hobson
Class 359: ‘Water Edge’
1st: Statia Ivers, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Ida Hobson
Class 360: ‘Summer Garden’
1st: Maura Davis, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Ida Hobson
Class 361: ‘Reflections’
1st: Statia Ivers, 2nd: Ida Hobson
Class 362: ‘Decorated Napkin Ring’
1st: Ruth Thompson, 2nd: Ida Hobson, 3rd: Ida Hobson

Junior Marquee

Junior Photography
Class 363- Animal Study in Colour:
1st: Aoife Ní Mhurchú, 2nd: Adam Healy, 3rd: Patrick Murphy, HC: Conor Lancaster, Kevin Murray
Class 364- Funniest Photo:
1st: Conor Jackson Hegarty, 2nd: Cathal Lancaster, 3rd: Niamh Murray
Class 365: Digital Photograph:
1st: Thomas Doran, 2nd: Isabelle Simmons-Hayden, 3rd: Anna D’Arcy, HC: Siobhan Mulhall
Overall Winner of Photography Section:

Junior Art
Class 366- Poster Based on the Theme “What the River Derry Bubbles say to you”:
1st: Jasper Kelly, 2nd: Ánnalese Murphy, 3rd: Ciara Murray
Class 367- Drawing – Unframed, coloured, any subject:
1st: Luca Gould, 2nd: Roisin Wilson, 3rd: Sarah Jackson Hegarty, HC: Noah Giles
Class 368- Drawing/Collage – Unframed, coloured, any subject:
1st: James Shannon, 2nd: Charlotte Hathaway, 3rd: Aimee Butler, HC: Aimee Butler
Class 369- Handmade Bookmarker:
1st: Gabriele Spiridavicute, 2nd: Khloe Murphy, 3rd: Emma Healy, HC: Ella Redmond
Class 370- Original Cartoon Character or Cartoon Strip:
1st: Daniel Concagh, 2nd: Eddie Murphy, 3rd: Sarah Jackson Hegarty, HC: Kasia Davis
Class 371- A Decorated Photo Frame:
1st: Khloe Murphy, 2nd: Áine Doran
Class 372- Design on T-Shirt or Tie Dyed T-Shirt Using Any Medium:
1st: Gabriele Spiridavicute, 2nd: Wolsey Sloan Kelly, 3rd: Tara Jackson Hegarty,, HC: Cuan Sloan Kelly Hugo Sloan Kelly
Class 373- Handmade Card for Special Occasion:
1st: Kate Lafferty, 2nd: Traolach O’Sulleabhain, 3rd: Sarah Jackson Hegarty, 4th: Conall O’Sulleabhain, HC: Emma Jackson Hegarty
Class 374- Nicest Gift Wrapped Parcel:
1st: Rosemary Keating, 2nd: Gabriele Spiridavicute, 3rd: Emma Jackson Hegarty, HC: Lillian Keating
Class 375- A Picture Using Potato Prints:
1st: Sarah Jackson Hegarty, 2nd: Gabriele Spiridavicute, 3rd: Robyn Gahan D’Arcy, HC: Issam Hussain

Youth Section
Class 376- An Item in Craft (Calligraphy, Lino Print, Fabric Print, Puppetry, Weaving, Pottery, etc.):
1st: Gabriele Spiridavicute, 2nd: Elma Butler, 3rd: Aimee Butler, HC: Theo Giles, Jasper Kelly
Class 377 – Drawing/Painting using any medium:
1st: Elma Butler, 2nd: Lindsey Bailey, 3rd: Eimear O’Sullivan
Class 378- Illustrated Capital Letter:
1st: Rebecca Hathaway, 2nd: Roisin Murray, 3rd: Tara Jackson Hegarty, HC: Nathan Lazenby
Class 379- Handwriting, any style (age 7 years or under):
1st: Cathal Lancaster, 2nd: Erica Tully, 3rd: Eoin Stephenson, 4th: Georgia Horan, HC: Conall O’Sulleabhain
Class 380- Handwriting, any style (age 8 to 10 years):
1st: Sarah Doyle, 2nd: Noah Giles, 3rd: Lillian Keating, 4th: Isabelle Faure, HC: Olivia Bailey, Anna D’Arcy, Cormac Kavanagh, Sarah Stephenson
Class 381- Handwriting, any style (age 11 to 13 years):
1st: Rosemary Keating, 2nd: Conor Lancaster, 3rd: Niamh Murray, 4th: Ciara Lancaster, HC: Aliya Davis, Aoife Ni Mhurchu, Charles Faure
Overall Winner of the Handwriting Section: Rosemary Keating

Junior Craft:
Class 382 – Any article in Woodwork:
1st: Conor Lancaster, 2nd: Nathan Delamere, 3rd: Nathan Delamere
Class 383- A Three-Dimensional Sculpture:
1st: Ellie Doran, 2nd: Theo Giles, 3rd: Noah Giles, HC: Gabriele Spiridaviciute, Kate Doran, Lindsey Bailey
Class 384- A Textile Item:
1st: Olivia Bailey, 2nd: Emma Holohan, 3rd: Aine Doran
Class 385- Design a pattern using Green, White & Gold:
1st:Roisin Murray, 2nd: Sarah Jackson Hegarty
Class 386 – An Article made from Recycled Material:
1st: Emma Jackson Hegarty, 2nd: Arwen Wilson, 3rd: Isabelle Hayden
Class 387 – A Decorated Flower Pot:
1st: Robyn Gahan D’Arcy, 2nd: Cathal Lancaster, 3rd: Amelia Simmons Rea, HC: Sarah Jackson Hegarty
Class 388 – Happy/Sad Face made from fruit and/or veg:
1st: Joe Dowzard, 2nd: Max Holden, 3rd: Amelia Simmons Rea
Class 389 – Decorated Wooden Spoon, aged 8 years and under:
1st: Kate Murphy, 2nd: Roisin Houlihan, 3rd: Amelia Simmons Rea, HC: Matthew Shannon
Class 390- Decorated Wooden Spoon, aged 9 to 14 years:
1st: Arwen Wilson, 2nd: Roisin Houlihan, 3rd: Muirin Furlong
Class 391- Your Own Design in Lego (No Kits):
1st: Tadhg Moffatt, 2nd: Richard Hathaway, 3rd: Mogue O’Neill, HC: Peter Houlihan
Class 392- An Edible Necklace made from Sweets:
1st: Darragh Hayden, 2nd: Alice Dowzard, 3rd: Aoife Ni Mhurchu, HC: Charlotte Goor
Class 393- Decorated Eggshell:
1st: Gabriele Spiridaviciute, 2nd: Amelia Simmons Rea, 3rd: Niamh Murray
Class 394- A Dressed Potato:
1st: Roisin Murray, 2nd: Niamh Murray, 3rd: Sarah Doyle, HC: Ruby Horan
Class 395- Weird Animal or Insect made from Fruit and/or Vegetables:
1st: Aoife Ní Mhurchú, 2nd: Alice Dowzard 3rd: Max Holden, HC: Roisin Ni Mhurchu
Class 396 – Paint a Stone:
1st: Kate Murphy, 2nd: Ella Redmond, 3rd: Robyn Gahan D’Arcy
Class 397- Design a miniature garden on a biscuit tin lid:
1st: Ella Redmond, 2nd: Aine Doran, 3rd: Peter Houlihan

Junior Baking
Class 399- Brown Soda Bread or White Soda Bread:
1st: Sarah Stephenson, 2nd: Ryan Conway, 3rd: Alex Esmonde
Class 400 – 6 Scones:
1st: Kate Doran, 2nd: Ciara Short, 3rd: Aobha Harmon
Class 401 – Mini Pizza; your own creation:
1st: Godabari Lambert, 2nd: Jamuna Lambert
Class 402- 6 Fancy Rice Krispie Buns:
1st: Emma Healy, 2nd: Robyn Gahan D’Arcy, 3rd: Aliya Davis
Class 403- 6 Decorated Queen Cakes:
1st: Ciara Short, 2nd: Patrick Murphy, 3rd: Kate Doran
Class 404- 6 Gingerbread Men:
1st: Kate Doran, 2nd: Aoife Ni Mhurchu, 3rd: Roisin Ní Mhurchú
Class 405 – A Healthy Lunchbox:
1st: Aoife Ni Mhurchu, 2nd: Tadhg Davis, 3rd: Ciara Murray
Youth Baking
Class 406- 6 Chocolate Biscuit Cake Squares:
1st: Ellen Doran, 2nd: Aliya Davis, 3rd: Ellen Doran
Class 407- 6 Muffins:
1st: Mary Byrne, 2nd: Ellen Doran, 3rd: Ellen Doran
Class 408- 3 Decorated Cup Cakes:
1st: Emma Holohan, 2nd: Aobha Harmon, 3rd: Ellen Doran



Quilt Marquee:

Class 409- Best Wall Hanging:
1st: Maureen Talbot, 2nd: Margaret McEvoy, 3rd: Susan Kay
Class 410- Best Beginner’s Quilt:
1st: Esther Fox, 2nd: Anna Henn, 3rd: Grainne Healy
Class 411- Best Quilt For a Child:
1st: Group Quilt Spike Quilters, 2nd: Phil McDonald, 3rd: Edel Healy
Class 412 – Best Lap Quilt or Small Quilt for a bed:
1st: Tomomi McElwee, 2nd: Sandra Jansen, 3rd: Peggy O’Sullivan
Class 413 – Best Medium Size Quilt for a Bed:
1st: Bridie Gallagher, 2nd: Maeve Keating, 3rd: Mary Zemrawsky
Class 414 – Best Large Quilt for a bed:
1st: Ann O’Rafferty, 2nd: Geraldine Ryan, 3rd: Ann Waters
Class 415- Best Hand Quilted Quilt:
1st: Maeve Nuijten, Susan Hogan, 2nd: Anne Merrigan

Pure Bred Poultry
Class 416- Bantam Heavy Male or Female:
1st: Jean Wall, 2nd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney, 3rd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney
Class 417- Bantam Light Male or Female:
1st: Jean Wall, 2nd: Dale O’Connor, 3rd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney
Class 418- True Bantam Male:
1st: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney, 2nd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney, 3rd: Dale O’Connor
Class 419- True Bantam Female:
1st:Dale O’Connor, 2nd: Ciara and Padraic Sweeney, 3rd: Boylan Family
Class 420- Large Fowl Heavy Soft Feathered Male:
1st: Boylan Family, 2nd: Mary Fleming, 3rd: Karl Scanlon
Class 421- Large Fowl Heavy Soft Feathered Female:
1st: Boylan Family, 2nd: Mary Fleming, 3rd: Karl Scanlon
Class 422 – Large Fowl Light Soft Feathered Male:
1st: Mary Fleming, 2nd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney, 3rd: Karl Scanlon
Class 423- Large Fowl Light Soft Feathered Female:
1st: Ciara and Padraic Sweeney, 2nd: Jean Wall, 3rd: Ciara and Padraic Sweeney
Class 424- Waterfowl Duck or Drake:
1st: Karl Scanlon, 2nd: Dale O’Connor, 3rd: Karl Scanlon
Class 425- Bantam Waterfowl Male or Female:
1st: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney, 2nd: Karl Scanlon, 3rd: Ciara & Padraic Sweeney
Class 426- Best Pure Bred Cockerel:
1st: Jean Wall, 2nd: Boylan Family, 3rd: Karl Scanlon
Class 427- Best Pure Bred Bird exhibited by a Child:
1st: Stiofan Curran, 2nd: Jamie Salter, 3rd: Tyler Barton
Class 428- Best Pure Bred Bird exhibited by a Youth:
1st: Darin Taylor, 2nd: Darin Taylor, 3rd: Darin Taylor
Class 429 – The All Ireland Female Bantam Chicken Championship Final
1st: Karl Scanlon – Qualified

Pets Corner:

Class 430- Best Furry Pet:
1st: Max Lennon, 2nd: Eoin O’Shaughnessy, 3rd: Jack Jones
Class 431-Best Feathered Pet:
1st: Tiernan McDonald, 2nd: Daniel & Maurice Hedderman, 3rd: Philip Hendy
Class 432-Any Other Pet:
1st: Dermot Allen, 2nd: Olga Van Barneveld, 3rd: Catherine Maguire
Class 433-Best Mother & Brood:
1st: Catherine Maguire, 2nd: David Cole, 3rd: Anna Hodson