Court Stage

The Court Stage is a key attraction for all ages.

Featuring a range of novelty and fun family competitions and entertainment, there is a real festival atmosphere around the stage all day as the crowd sing along with performers and encourage competitors.

Competitions range from cuteness to high style with@
• Baby show
• Little Miss Tinahely
• Little Master Tinahely
• Best dressed lady
• Best dressed man
• Glamorous granny
• Parent and child lookalike
• U 12 talent competition

The Court stage is full of colour, entertainment, fun and laughs. Entries are taken on the day as contestants from the crowd volunteer to take part.

The highlight of the afternoon is the crowning of the ‘Tinahely Show Queen’ at 12:30
Don’t miss this fun favourite and who knows you might just find yourself up on stage as a competitor!



Court Stage Winners 2019

Little Master:
1st: Bobby Cullen, 2nd: Joe Cullen, 3rd: Rory Cullen & Eoin Ledwidge
Little Miss:
1st: Amelia-Rose Clarke, 2nd: Sarah Byrne & Cassie Paulson, 3rd: Ciara Darcy & Bea Van & Eva McGinn
Baby Show under 1 years:
1st: Rosie Mullane, 2nd: George Sheridan, 3rd: Ruain Rogers & Karen Williams
Baby Show under 2 years:
1st: Anna Byrne, 2nd: Vena Cunningham, 3rd: Roisin Bailey & Mason Kilbride
Parent and Child look alike:
1st: Kelsey & Paul Hogan, 2nd: Ciara & Jane Ann Byrne, 3rd: Mason & Alan Kilbride
Best Dressed Man:
Alan Sinnot
Best Dressed Lady:
Margaret Doyle
Glamorous Granny:
Rosanna Kenny
Junior Talent Competition:
1st: Mike Murphy