The Owen Doran Memorial Perpetual Cup
Will be presented to the Best Handwriting Exhibit in Classes 378 – 380 16cm x 20cm Copybook Size Unmounted. Age to be entered on back of page.

Special Prize: 1st €20: 2nd €15: 3rd €10, 4th €5
Entry Fee: €2

CLASS 378: Handwriting – any style – age 7 years or under, copy the following piece:
All at once he fell head over heels in the dark, down a hole, and landed on a heap of very dirty rags.
(From “The Tale of Samuel Whiskers” by Beatrix Potter)

CLASS 379: Handwriting – any style – age 8 to 10 years, copy the following piece:
“A pang of fear and loss like an echo of Gollum’s misery, smote Bilbo and forgetting even to draw his sword, he struck his hand into his pocket.
and there was the ring still in his left pocket, and it slipped on to his finger.
(From “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien)

CLASS 380: Handwriting – any style – age 11 to 13 years, copy the following piece:
At length a break in the reef was discovered a quarter of a mile in width, and through this the boat rapidly passed with a strong stream running westwards, and came immediately into smooth water, and all the past hardships seemed at once to be forgotten.
(From “The Mutiny of the Bounty” by Sir John Barrow”)