Health and safety

In providing attractions for so many people at its annual show, Tinahely Show Society backs this up with a large support mechanism. The very nature of the show with many animals on display created a great need for Safety Awareness. The general public are asked to be aware of the nature of the event they are attending and should heed some pointers:

  1. At all times heed instructions of the stewards.

  2. In the parking area drive slowly and carefully- in particular do not drive close to lorries or trailers.

  3. Children must be supervised at all times.

  4. If the day is very hot make sure children have adequate sun protection and liquids.

  5. On entering the grounds make yourself familiar with the location of emergency services.

  6. Always remember that entry to any of the show rings is strictly prohibited.

  7. If you become aware of any activity which poses a threat to the public, alert one of the many show stewards.

Three units of the RED CROSS will be in attendance along with MEDICAL AND VETINARY personnel on show day.

With due consideration for other people and the nature of many of the show activities a safe and enjoyable show can be had by all.

Safety Officers for 2011: Joe Hayden 087 6867805

Robert Woods


Security is a must on such a vast area of ground. In the build up to the show and directly following the event it is essential that Trade Stand holders and Exhibitors know that the Society have 24-hour security. Three days prior to the show and the night of the bank holiday security men and watch dogs will guard the grounds. The GardaĆ­ will also patrol the roads leading to the site.