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113: The Irish Shows Association & Swinford Show Society Present the All Ireland Non Pedigree Suckler Heifer Championship

Cattle ➤ Beef ➤ Beef Section Mon 5th Aug 2024

Final at Swinford Show - Sunday 27th August 2023 - PRIZE FUND: Cash & Vouchers to the Value of €2,000

Beef - Opening Notes

In the Interest of Safety - All Exhibitors of Senior Bulls Must Have a Bull Staff to hand.  Exhibitors are requested to submit full ear tag number on Entry Form

RULES AND CONDITIONS: 1. This competion os open to All Breeds of non pedigree Heifers, suitable to produce and rear a calf with potential for current commercial beef markets. 2. Heifers may be in calf or maiden at final. For heifers that are in calf evidence must be produced i.e. Scanning Cert, or Insemination Cert. 3. Heifer's potential mothering ability will be assesed. 4. Up to 2 heifers may qualify at each show if the standard is deemed sufficient. 5. Individual exhibitors may qualify up to 2 heifers for the final. 6. All heifers must be halter trained and let by a competent adult. 7. Animals qualifying for this final are ineligible for entry to other classes at the Swinford Show. 8. The foregoing rules should be read in conjuction with ISA General Rules together with Swinford Show Rules. Entry Fee: To Qualifying Show: €10. To Final: €15 PRIZES: Fund Cash/Vouchers Champion; €600 & Sash. 2nd €350, 3rd €250, 4th & 5th: €200, 6th to 13th: €50

No entries permitted on day of event.

Cattle Section
Ring Area:  
Ring 7
Entry Fee:  
Mon, 5th Aug, 2024
Start Time:  
10:00 am