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133: Tinahely Agricultural Show Society & The Irish Shows Association Presents The Derek Rothwell Memorial Young Stockperson of the Year Championship

Cattle ➤ Beef ➤ Young Stockperson Mon 5th Aug 2024

PRIZE FUND: Up to €2,000 The late Derek Rothwell advocated the need to involve young people in all aspects of Agricultural Shows. In his memory and fulfilling his wishes Tinahely Show are proud to introduce this championship for the benefit of all young exhibitors. The aim is to encourage involvement in shows and promote the showing of animals by girls and boys – the “Exhibitors of the Future.”

Beef - Opening Notes

In the Interest of Safety - All Exhibitors of Senior Bulls Must Have a Bull Staff to hand.  Exhibitors are requested to submit full ear tag number on Entry Form

Rules & Conditions: 1. The Competition is open to girls and boys who have not attained their 15th birthday by show day. Proof of age will be requested. 2. Animals can be of any breed (pedigree or non pedigree dairy or beef) and must be leading. 3. Animals must be under 12 months of age on the day of the show. 4. Animals fo not have to be the property of the exhibitor, however, a brief interview on knowledge of the animal will be conducted on the day. 5. An Adult may aid an exhibitor if deemed necessary for safety 6. Calf identity cards to be available for inspection on show day. 7. Entries to be made direct to Tinahely Show office on or before the closing date or online. The prescribed entry form to be counter signed by a parent or guardian. 8. These rules should be read in conjuction witht he General ISA Rules. The competition will be judged as follows: 1. The ability to handle and present the animal to its best advantage in the Show Ring. 40 marks. 2. General Knowledge about the animal itself, including its feeding, breeding etc. 30 marks. 3. Personal presentation of stock person. 20 marks. 4. Presentation of the animal. 10 marks. Entry Fee €10 PRIZES: 1st: €300, Sash & the Rothwell Family Trophy, 2nd: €200, 3rd: €100, 4th: €30 to end of the line - Rosettes to all exhibitors. It is the responsibility of Exhibitors to fill in the correct documentation and forward relevant fees to enable them entry to this competition

No entries permitted on day of event.

Cattle Section
Ring Area:  
Ring 7
Entry Fee:  
Mon, 5th Aug, 2024
Start Time:  
11:30 am
Prizes:   1st - €300.00 , 2nd - €200.00 , 3rd - €100.00 , 4th - €30.00

Sponsored by: Tinahely Agricultural Show Society