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CH54: Cakes - Champion - Highest Points

Home Industries ➤ Home Produce ➤ Cakes Mon 5th Aug 2024

John Nolan (Gorey) Cup plus Voucher will be awarded to exhibitor gaining highest points in this section

No entries permitted on day of event.

Craft Tent
Mon, 5th Aug, 2024
Start Time:  
9:00 am
Prizes:   1st - 1st Prize
Voucher Sponsored by Rathwood, Tullow
This is a Championship Class. Entry via Qualifing Classes.
Qualifying Classes
Class 256: Homemade Harvest Fruit Loaf
Class 257: Homemade Banana Bread/Cake
Class 258: Most Tastefully Decorated Homemade Cake
Class 259: Homemade Coffee Sponge Iced
Class 260: 3 Homemade Cup Cakes, Decorated
Class 261: 6 Muffins
Class 262: Homemade Sponge Cake - (4 Eggs) - Jam Only for Filling
Class 263: 6 Homemade Queen Cakes
Class 264: Homemade Gingerbread Cake
Class 265: Homemade Oxford Lunch Cake
Class 266: Homemade Madeira Cake
Class 267: 6 Homemade Chocolate Brownies
Class 268: Gluten Free Cake or Muffins Decorated
Class 269: Homemade Fruit Cake - Light
Class 270: Homemade Lemon Drizzle Cake
Class 271: Homemade Tea Brack
Class 272: Homemade Cherry Cake
Class 273: Homemade Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Class 274: Homemade Boiled Fruit Cake
Class 275: Homemade Carrot Cake
Class 276: 6 Almond Slices
Class 277: 6 Homemade Healthy Snack Bars
Class 278: Tart - Filling Optional - Short Crust Pastry
Class 279: 6 Homemade Shortbread
Class 280: Cheese Cake
Class 281: Any Cold Dessert
Class 282: Fruit Crumble - Any Filling