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24: The All Ireland Ridden Registered Connemara Performance Pony Championship

Equestrian ➤ Horses ➤ Working Hunter Pony Mon 5th Aug 2024

Final - Oughterard Show - Sunday 25th August 2024

Rules for Oughterard All Ireland 2024

  1. Qualifying rounds will be held at designated shows.
  2. Ponies 4 years old and over are eligible.
  3. More than one pony in each qualifying class may be selected to compete in the final provided the judges agree that the standard is high enough and may qualify a second pony.
  4. Judge of the day must sign the qualifying entry form (s)
  5. Pony and / or Rider once qualified are not eligible to participate in subsequent qualifiers in the same category. This rule may be waived by the Show Committee in exceptional circumstances e.g. sale of a pony or injury of rider prior to final. Permission from the Oughterard Show Committee must be granted prior to any previously qualified pony or rider competing in subsequent qualifying rounds. Failure to do so will result in the entry not being accepted.
  6. On completion of judging at qualifiers the successful qualifier will be given all relevant entry documentation by the ring steward. This must be completed and returned, along with the appropriate fee, to the secretary of Oughterard Show within 7 days - this rule will be strictly adhered to.
  7. Ponies must be registered in a main Connemara Studbook. The Passport of each pony must be presented prior to judging at the qualifying show and on the day of the final.
  8. The rider must be 16 years and over on 01/01/2024.
  9. Jumping over rustic/ natural fences will be part of the qualifying rounds and final. Qualifying rounds require a minimum of 4 fences. Jumps at qualifiers should not exceed 90cm in height and 90cm in width. Entrants from shows who do not adhere to this rule will not be accepted.
  10. The Final requires a minimum of 5 fences which will include a double.  Fences must not exceed 1m in height and       1m in width.
  11. Ponies to be ridden in a Plain Snaffle, Pelham or Double Bridle. Boots are allowed for the jumping phase only, and must be removed prior to the in-hand or Flat Sections. A running martingale is permitted in qualifiers and in the Final but spurs are prohibited.      The same tack must be used in both phases.
  12. A performance judge must be used at qualifying shows.
  13. Ponies will be judged on type, confirmation, jumping technique, way of going and action in-hand.
  14. Random Dope testing may be carried out on the day of the final.
  15. Any objection must be lodged in writing with the show secretary within half an hour following the completion of the competition, together with €50 which is refundable if the objection is upheld.
  16. Oughterard Show Committee, in consultation with the sponsor, reserves the right to amend the rules as may be deemed necessary.*     It is strongly advised by the Oughterard Show Society that all competitors should wear a body protector.

*    Qualifying Rosettes will be presented at the Final      

Entry Fee to Final:  €25                                            Prizes: TBC                                        All finalists will receive a rosette on appearance in the final.

Supreme Champion:

The Cannonball Cup will be presented to the Supreme Champion.

A Trophy will be presented to the breeder of the Supreme Champion.

Marking:  Phase 1 – Jumping

5 fences (one is a double) marked 0-10 for each fence.

Points will also be awarded for way of going 0- 20


1st Refusal: -15      2nd Refusal: -20            3rd Refusal: Elimination

Each Fence Knocked:  -10                                     

Phase 2 – Flat-Ridden and In-Hand

Flat-Ridden will include a short free-style show incorporating walk, trot, canter, change of rein and gallop and will be judged as follows:

Pony’s Manners and Performance: 0-10                             Rider’s ability: 0-10                              Overall Impression: 0-10

In-Hand will be judged as follows: Confirmation: 0-10                                                      

Type: 0-5           Movement: 0-10

Note: In the event of a tie at the conclusion of judging, the combination awarded the highest points in Phase 1 will be deemed the winner. If there is still a tie, the combination with the highest points in Phase 2 Flat Ridden will be deemed the winner.



No entries permitted on day of event.

Horse Section
Ring Area:  
Ring 3
Entry Fee:  
Mon, 5th Aug, 2024
Start Time:  
9:30 am